About Me - Srotag Photography


aka, Matt

My name is Matt and I live and shoot in Jupiter, FL.  I've discovered my passion for photography a little later in life, but that hasn't slowed my enthusiasm.  I enjoy  developing my skills and learning old and new techniques in respect to digital photography.  You will see landscape and seascape images next to action shots of boating and wildlife.  I seem to shoot what I like, even if it totally different styles.  

I spent my childhood on the coast, and that instilled in me a love for coastal living.  I believe my photos reflect that.  I grew up in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and  moved to the east coast a few years ago.  This area of Florida is very comfortable for me, and Jupiter is amazing.  I'm thankful it offers so many different opportunities to develop my photography.  

I invite you to keep checking my website often to see my new work, and feel free to browse the galleries and make comments on my photos.  I appreciate your viewpoint and will  always be learning.  If you see me out at the Jupiter Inlet, Juno Beach Pier, Juno Kite Beach, etc. come say, "Hi".